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UDAYMAARG is a free virtual start-up support platform that provides basic knowledge of the fundamentals on how to convert their ideas into commercially viable business, how they could build their own product or service and scale up in a simple and structured way.

This programme applies real-world experience engaging activities and lessons that help students learn the essential skills from experts who have done it, of starting and growing a business.

UDAYMAARG aims to guide early stage start-ups and students to take the road less traveled and start-up with the help of structured learning.

Course Structure

Check Your Idea

    Learn how to Validate your business idea & build right business model.

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Get Your STRATEGY Right

    Understand how to draft Value Proposition and Build a Prototype or MVP for your product / Service.

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Plan your Work, Work your Plan

    Get to know the financial basics and how to draft a business. plan

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Launch Your Startup

    Understand about identifying the right legal structure, guide to Sales & Marketing and go-to-market the digital way.

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Our Mentors

Experts talk


There are several schemes and subsidies offered by the Government to help small businesses, we have listed down few of the schemes here for reference.


let your ideas mutate into viable business.